Radiology Medical Expert

Are you looking for a board-certified radiologist to perform expert radiology review? Arrowhead Evaluation Services provides a panel of ethical, qualified and experienced radiology medical experts to evaluate every type of medical-legal dispute. Whether you want to understand diagnostic radiology procedures in a claimant’s medical-legal case or get an objective and independent medical expert opinion, our experts are here to assist you.

Accurate Reports Backed by Expert Testimony

As one of the top independent IME providers in California, we know what it takes to prove the viability of a claim. Our team of medical evaluation experts works closely with you and your claimant to provide accurate and prompt radiology expert, review of records, and review of diagnostic imaging reports backed by evidence-based expert testimony that answers the most complex questions in your case. Our values of expert care and professionalism set us apart.

We’ve been in IME business since 1987 and have the knowledge and expertise needed to assist you. Enjoy expedited appointments, rush reports and judicial adjustment with our professional expert review services and panel of independent medical examiners.

Work with California’s Top IME Experts

Over the years, Arrowhead Evaluation Services has built a reputation as one of the most trusted IME service providers in California, expanding to over 100 locations. If you’re looking for credible and defensible radiology independent medical evaluation services, you’ve come to the right place. Want to learn more about our services and panel of medical examiners?

Simply contact us at 888-888-0098 or fill in our online evaluation request form.