Rheumatology Independent Medical Evaluation

Want to understand the diagnosis, prognosis and extent of a claimant’s rheumatic condition? For more than 30 years, Arrowhead Evaluation Services has been providing the most trusted rheumatology independent medical evaluation services for complex medical-legal cases related to conditions like arthritis or other joint, ligament and muscle disorders. Our board-certified rheumatology experts perform IMEs in all areas of internal medicine and are ready to serve you.

Established Independent Medical Evaluation Process

With our established medical evaluation process, we’re able to facilitate the most comprehensive and objective medical evaluations and file reviews to support your claimant’s case. As a top IME company in California, you can be sure that our rheumatology IME experts strive to provide you with the most credible and defensive medical evaluation reports based on current medical best practices and the best evidence.

We maintain a large network of IME experts comprised of independent board-certified physicians and medical specialists to meet the growing needs of our clients and the medical-legal industry. Whether you want a permanent impairment review or file analysis for your claimant’s case, our rheumatology independent medical evaluation experts are ready to answer your medical liability questions, schedule appointments and process documentation.

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Need quality, medical experts, IME services or expert witness testimony to support your claimant’s rheumatic claim? Get in touch with our experienced IME experts at any of our 87 medical assessment locations throughout California. Our entire team at Arrowhead Evaluation Services works hard to provide credible and defensible medical evaluation reports in a timely way when you need to resolve medical-legal disputes quickly.

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