Sacramento & Roseville Independent Medical Evaluation Doctors

Arrowhead Evaluation Services is the preferred independent medical examinations and medical-legal reports provider throughout California. We always strive to provide the best, evidence-based and unbiased medical assessments, while putting our clients first. With our comprehensive network of skilled and reputable Roseville & Sacramento independent medical evaluation doctors, you’re assured of getting timely, defensible and credible medical assessments and reports.

Our panel of medical examiners can evaluate all types of cases, including workers compensation cases, civil litigation cases, disability retirement cases and other medical-legal disputes.

Unparalleled Level of Service

With over 78 evaluation locations, conveniently located to ensure easy access, you’re assured of an unparalleled level of service. We provide our clients with proactive case management where we involve them every step of the way, flexible appointments and express report delivery all at competitive rates. Get reports delivered to you in a quick, easy and efficient way through our proven service delivery process.

While we conduct medical evaluations for different cases and injuries, we specialize in:

  • Physical injury
  • Memory loss
  • Head trauma
  • Head injury
  • Brain injury

Our approach to service delivery includes building a reliable network of independent medical evaluation doctors in Sacramento and Roseville and providing thorough medical assessments that meet industry standards and our fulfillment process.

What We Offer

At Arrowhead Evaluation Services, we have a team of medical experts and physicians including psychologists, pain management specialists, chiropractors, spinal injury specialists, accident injury specialists, orthopedic surgeons, internal medicine specialists, neurologists and more in the Sacramento and Roseville area. Our skilled experts provide you with an objective and truly independent report for your case.

We have created a patient-centric process that ensures all parties involved are comfortable. Our team is here to offer up-to-date and accurate information needed to resolve your case. Feel free to contact our friendly service representatives, and we’ll be happy to connect you with the nearest medical evaluation center.