Superior Independent Medical Evaluations

Arrowhead Evaluation Services provides unbiased, evidence-based medical evaluation services to support medical-legal disputes. Whether you need expert medical opinion or file review for a civil litigation case, a workers compensation case, or a disability retirement case, you can count on our experienced San Bernardino independent medical evaluation experts to prepare accurate medical-legal reports to help you resolve disputes fairly and quickly.

Quality Medical Assessments

We have a panel of highly experienced and reputable physicians who are committed to working with clients to ensure that they get the help they need when it comes to getting quality medical evaluations and expert witness services. We have in place the most reliable medical evaluation process so you can be at ease. With us, be assured of getting high-quality San Bernardino IME examinations and reports.

Our medical experts specialize in a wide range of medical specialties including orthopedic surgery, auto accident injuries, internal medicine, neurology, spine surgery, head trauma, toxicology, neuropsychology and others. With over 78 medical assessment facilities spread across Northern and Southern California, you’re assured of convenient access to our services.

Credible and Defensible IME Reports

At Arrowhead, we pride ourselves in offering the most objective, credible and defensible written reports in a professional and time-sensitive manner. Our dedicated team of San Bernardino independent medical evaluation experts screens medical-legal claims and selects one or a few of our board-certified physicians to evaluate medical conditions and address medical-legal concerns in a way that ensures clarity for all parties involved.

Our professional staff is ready to help you and process all documents. Contact us for more information or schedule your evaluation today.