Full-Service IME Experts

Arrowhead Evaluation Services is your premier Independent Medical Evaluation (IME) provider in San Diego, California. When it comes to claims that require an independent determination of causation, general acceptance, medical necessity, medical appropriateness or ability to return to work, Arrowhead offers objective and unbiased independent medical reviews.

With our large network of San Diego Independent Medical Evaluation doctors specializing in different medical specialties, we’re ready to help you support your claimant’s case.

About Our Process

At Arrowhead, we apply a stringent quality assurance process to all our professional services. Whether you’re in need of Independent Medical Evaluations (IMEs), Qualified Medical Evaluations (QMEs) or Agreed Medical Evaluations (AMEs), we have a dedicated team of experts who oversee all medical reviews to ensure that:

  • Appropriate medical procedures are followed
  • The right medical guidelines are referenced
  • Every report is accurate and answers pertinent questions
  • Contents of medical evaluation reports are easily understandable
  • All your needs are facilitated
  • State requirements are met in all processes

We have an extensive panel of board-certified physicians who are highly trained in carrying out IMEs and providing accurate reports for all types of medical disputes. We offer independent medical evaluations for civil litigation cases, fitness for duty situations, workers compensation cases and disability retirement.

Fast Access to Our Medical Examiners

Sometimes, medical evaluations need to be expedited due to a claimant’s treatment plan, such as when surgery for fatal injuries is required. Whether you need urgent IME or professional consultation, our San Diego Independent Medical Evaluation doctors are easily available. You can access our IME, QME or AME services in any of our 78 evaluation facilities across California.

Get quick access to our respected medical professionals including internal medicine physicians, physical therapists, spine specialists, orthopedic medical experts, psychiatrists and psychologists. At Arrowhead Evaluation Services, you get a comprehensive network of physicians, a proven quality assurance process and superior customer care.

Call us on our toll-free number at (888) 888-5902 to schedule an appointment.