Arrowhead Evaluation Services provides independent medical examinations for different types of medical disputes including personal injury claims, workers compensation cases and disability retirement cases. Our objective opinions and detailed reports provide more insight into medical-legal cases, helping resolve disputes swiftly. Our San Diego independent medical evaluation experts offer clear medical-legal recommendations for lawyers and their claimants.

Our Comprehensive IME Services

As one of the most reputable medical-legal service providers in California, we’re able to provide an objective and impartial assessment of a client’s diagnosis, prognosis and recommendations for recovery. We do our medical assessments based on a comprehensive review of a client’s medical history and conduct extensive interviews before issuing a credible and highly defensible report. We service most areas in the state, including independent medical evaluations in San Diego, Chula Vista, and National City.

We uphold the highest standards of service and work hard to connect our clients with the most suitable physician to conduct medical examinations. With a combination of over 78 assessment facilities and an extensive panel of specialists in neurology, auto accidents, pain management, psychology, orthopedic surgery and other medical fields, you can be sure of getting reliable IME services to support a claimant’s case.

Why Arrowhead Evaluation Services?

When you need an independent expert opinion to support a medical-legal claim, look no further but our San Diego independent medical evaluation professionals. All our physicians are practicing board-certified medical experts and licensed health care professionals in the State of California. With AES, you get:

  • Unbiased, independent medical evaluations
  • Thorough understanding of medical-legal issues and complexities
  • Established reputation of providing defensible and objective reports
  • Timely and client-focused delivery of reports

Arrowhead Evaluation Services is able to provide comprehensive medical opinions and recommendations utilizing the latest medical technology, case-specific patient information and industry-standard guidelines.

To learn more about our IME services in San Diego, Chula Vista, and National City, feel free to contact our friendly and knowledgeable staff today.