San Francisco Independent Medical Evaluation Doctors

Arrowhead Evaluation Services is a premier provider of Independent Medical Evaluations (IMEs), reports and expert witness testimony in California. We deliver unbiased and fair assessments from some of the most trusted and respected San Francisco independent medical evaluation doctors. We know the complex requirements when it comes to resolving injury or disability claims. That’s why we provide you with fast access to highly trained medical expert witnesses in the San Francisco, Oakland, Vallejo, and Hayward areas.

We have vast experience working with lawyers and their claimants, as well as insurers and employers. Count on our first-hand experience when it comes to conducting professional medical evaluations and providing objective medical opinions to support your claim.

Why Choose Us?

At Arrowhead, we have the most comprehensive range of medical evaluation services to meet your needs. We offer Independent Medical Evaluations (IMEs), Qualified Medical Evaluations (QMEs) and Agreed Medical Evaluations (AMEs). We offer you:

  • Over 78 assessment locations in cities throughout California
  • A complete range of services providing optimal outcome for clients
  • An extensive panel of exceptional, transparent and responsive medical specialists
  • Friendly and supportive evaluation environment
  • Comprehensive and accurate reports, delivered at the right time
  • Expert witness testimonies to support medical-legal claims

With our team of San Francisco independent medical evaluation doctors servicing the Bay Area, including Oakland, Vallejo, and Hayward, you’re assured of getting the best specialists for independent medical examinations. We select the most qualified medical experts to answer all your questions, review your files and create a detailed report. Our medical experts conduct assessments with complete discretion and integrity.

Resolve Your Medical-Legal Case

At Arrowhead Evaluation Services, we provide an extensive range of assessments that result in evidence-based and impartial assessments that can help resolve your injury or disability case. Our medical examiners can evaluate all types of medical-legal cases including workers comp cases, civil litigation and disability retirement disputes. Our specialists include:

  • Psychologists
  • Chiropractors
  • Orthopedic specialists
  • Pain management specialists
  • Neurologists
  • Spinal specialists
  • General physicians
  • Head injury and trauma experts

Consult any of our San Francisco independent medical evaluation doctors for the independent medical opinion that’s needed to move your case forward. Our transparent and responsive services in San Francisco, Oakland, Vallejo, and Hayward result in timely reports of the highest standards.

Contact us for professional and unbiased medical-legal and expert witness services!