Find Your California Medical Expert Witness

Arrowhead Evaluation Services provides expert, independent medical evaluations, and reports about injuries or medical conditions that are credible, clear and concise. Whether you need a California medical expert witness for medical testimonies to support a case in court or defensive IME services, our panel of board certified physicians provides in-depth, professional opinions of the status of a claimant or individual, their medical history and future prognosis.

Independent Medical Witness Opinions

A California medical expert witness does not replace a regular physician or doctor, but will review medical history, conduct an evaluation, order optional diagnostic testing and state their unbiased opinions of their observations:

  • Determine the health and history of the individual prior to the incident
  • Evaluate the individual with an in-person interview and assessment
  • Order diagnostic testing (such as x-ray, blood work) as needed
  • Estimate the treatment course, if needed
  • To independently evaluate the status of the individual
  • With more than 60 locations and 80 physicians, contact Arrowhead Evaluation Services for a medical expert witness in Northern and Southern California.

Our team of physicians includes doctors who are qualified to serve as Expert Witness Doctors, Expert Surgical Witnesses, and Expert Pain Witnesses.

Expert Witness Doctor

A California medical expert witness physician will provide insight to the nature of the injury or specific of the case in question. Our doctors will help in various cases involving injury, sickness, disease, and prognosis. Every case and individual is specific – our qualified doctors recognize this and do their professional best to understand the clarity and impact of their testimony. Doctors are often used in cases where the patient needs to be evaluated after an incident that goes to trial.

Expectations of a physician from Arrowhead Evaluation Services for a medical expert witness include:

  • Convenience, with more than 60 locations throughout Northern and Southern California
  • Specialties that include Orthopedic Surgery, Internal Medicine, General / Vascular Surgery, Neurology, Neuropsychology / Psychology, Otorhinolaryngology (ENT), Psychology, Psychiatry, Chiropractic and Pain Management
  • Maintain independence, physicians are not familiar to either party or primary doctors
  • Written reports, as well as in person medical testimony, can be coordinated

Expert Surgical Witness

If surgical operation is part of your case, an expert surgical witness is critical. With surgical cases, including surgical malpractice, an experienced physician is necessary to evaluate near countless factors involved in the success and failure of any given procedure.

Our selection of an expert surgical California medical expert witness offers you the chance to:

  • Evaluate the potential lack of care in any type of surgical procedure
  • Recover more efficiently if treatment options are recommended
  • Put your mind more at ease knowing a competent and professional testimony will be given
  • Know our expert surgical witness will be looking for key details and facts possibly missed by doctors untrained in this specialty


Expert Pain Witness

An expert pain witness is vital to any dispute involving pain. Pain is the unseen effect that cannot be measured with instruments, but can also be debilitating to the individual. Understanding how pain affects the body and how it is managed is crucial to not only providing expert pain testimony, but also in the evaluation of the individual.

Our California medical expert pain witness will cover the following items:

  • Identifying pain and options for pain management by thoroughly reviewing over historical medical records, current treatments and future prognosis in an effort to minimize overall suffering or discomfort
  • Testify knowledgeably about different medications, such as opiates, used for the treatment of pain and chronic pain
  • Evaluate how well the individual has been examined for treatment and effectiveness of treatment options for pain reduction or pain management
  • Define movement capabilities and useful therapy options
  • Bring another perspective apart from the other party

Medical expert witness, expert doctor witness, and expert surgical witnesses are often needed in court, and we have an extensive selection of many professionals, including detailed expert witness fee schedules, certified by the State of California.

Reliable and Professional Support

With over 30 years of experience, let us coordinate everything involved in medical-legal cases, from scheduling medical evaluations, arranging expert witness fee schedule consultations, reviewing medical history, ordering diagnostic testing and providing unbiased, independent witness opinions based on expert observations.

For further information about our independent medical examinations and expert witness services, please call our toll-free number at (888) 888-5902.