Thank you for considering Arrowhead Evaluation Service for your medical legal evaluation. We understand that this is a trying and often frustrating time for all parties involved. No employee wants to experience an injury at work. It’s terrifying, painful, and potentially detrimental to the employee’s future. No employer wants to see his or her employees hurt on the job, either. In situations where an unbiased opinion is necessary, we can step in as a third-party to assist in achieving a mutually desirable outcome.

What We Have to Offer

We invite you to search for the services you need. Rest assured that we have a network of qualified, reputable medical professionals. Together, they cover a wide range of areas and medical specialties. Each doctor on our team is certified to perform QMEs, or Qualified Medical Evaluations, through the Medical Unit of the Division of Worker’s Compensation.

As a result, you can find a doctor in nearly any specialty to conduct an independent medical examination, regardless of the issue at hand. Consult with us about scheduling a medical legal evaluation for addiction problems, health issues related to asbestos, chiropractic care, a car accident, or for a long-term disability case. In addition to physicians with neurological specialties, we can also set up an expert witness in the field. We have experts in psychiatry and psychology, pain management, and spinal surgery, as well.

The Importance of a Third Party

In workers’ compensation cases, a medical legal evaluation conducted by an independent party is fair to everyone involved in the case. The employee doesn’t have to worry about being examined by a doctor on the company payroll. The employer needn’t be concerned about a possibly biased opinion from the employee’s personal doctor. Arrowhead Evaluation Services is neutral, which is why our services are beneficial to you. We look forward to getting in touch to discuss the specifics of your situation.

We’re grateful that you’re considering Arrowhead Evaluation Services to look into a sensitive matter. Our commitment to care, ethics, and honesty ensure that you will receive an authentic, unbiased opinion with medical facts to back up what our doctors find. We also guarantee that your medical legal evaluation will be overseen by a skilled physician with expertise in the issue.

We’ll be in contact with you soon.