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    Brain Injury IME California

    Brain Injury IME California

    Independent Medical Examiners

    Our Independent Medical Examiners are dedicated to accuracy and detail and stand ready to provide a comprehensive report for your case. A Brain Injury IME can be ordered for many different reasons and can be requested by either party in a case. By using an expert third party with no relationship to the patient, plaintiff, defendant or insurer, the court can receive a fully objective report for decision making purposes. A Brain Injury IME California can be ordered for a variety of reasons, including:

    • Workers compensation cases
    • Child custody cases
    • Personal injury cases
    • Auto, motorcycle or truck accident cases
    • Disability insurance determinations
    • Duration of a claim
    • Determination of the extent of an injury or the impact it has on the individual’s life, future or income

    Benefits of Using our Independent Medical Examiner Services

    Our skilled team of professional providers are dedicated to providing the most accurate and timely results; medical legal reporting is our specialty and what we do best.

    • Accurate, objective and fair reporting that reflects the patient’s true medical state and capabilities.
    • Rush or expedited appointments and reports available to accommodate your busy schedule.
    • Comfortable examination setting designed to put patients at ease during a stressful time

    Contact Us to Get Started

    Our detailed, accurate and comprehensive IME services are designed to help resolve a dispute quickly and ensure that all parties are treated fairly. If you need a Brain Injury IME and are in California, our team can help. Contact us to learn more about our comprehensive Independent Medical Examiner services and to find out how easy it is to get started.

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