Brain Trauma IME California

Will the subject be able to return to their daily life or work after a traumatic brain injury – and what is the extent of damage of that injury? What kind of quality of life and long term impact will that injury have on the subject’s ability to earn a living, pursue activities they enjoy and participate in their own care? A Brain Trauma IME California aims to answer these questions and more, providing an impartial, third party report that can be used in a court case or settlement.

Brain Trauma IME California

Ordered by either side in a court case, a Brain Trauma IME is an extensive examination using a variety of tools, including medical tests, psychological testing and the latest in technology to get an insightful and accurate assessment of an individual’s current state and prospects. The extensive report generated during the process can be used to bring a quick resolution to a dispute and may be used by either party in the case. Since the evaluation is performed by our physician experts with no ties to the case, it is fully objective.

A Brain Injury IME California could be used in one or more of the following types of cases:

  • Personal injury suits
  • Car, truck or motorcycle accidents
  • Worker’s compensation and workplace injury cases
  • Medical device injury or malpractice cases
  • Competency cases

We’re Here to Help

Our network of experienced healthcare providers uses medical and psychological testing, combined with the latest in technology to come up with a comprehensive, detailed assessment of the individual and injury in question. Contact us to learn more about the benefits of an impartial and objective Brain Injury IME California and to learn just how quickly we can generate the report you need for your case

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