Cognitive Function IME California

Is the patient or subject in question able to care for themselves and make informed decisions about their own care? Are they able to live independently, make financial decisions or work? Cognitive impairment may not always be readily available and an accurate assessment is needed to truly measure the impact of an injury, adverse event or illness. Our team of independent medical examiners provides comprehensive cognitive function evaluations designed to answer questions about an individual’s level of competency or the extent of their impairment due to injury, illness or aging.

Cognitive Function IME

A cognitive function IME in California can be performed any time a subject or patient’s ability to care for themselves and make informed decisions are in question. A Cognitive Function IME may be ordered by either side in a court case; it needs to be conducted by a third party that is objective and does not know the individual being examined or have any preconceived notions about them. Additional information may be needed from family members or others, but the primary goal of a cognitive function IME is to get a comprehensive opinion based on third party, objective information.

Benefits of Using our Services for Cognitive Function IME California

Our network of experienced providers uses a variety of tools to assess the individual accurately and to come up with a clear and comprehensive report for your team. We’re doctors first and offer our evaluations in a comfortable setting designed to put subjects at ease. When we’re through, you’ll receive a comprehensive and unbiased Cognitive Function IME California report that can be used for your case.

Need to learn more about an injury or individual? Our Cognitive Function IME can help you get the insight you need. Contact us to learn more about the process and to find out how easy it is to get the information you need to proceed.

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