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What is a Qualified Medical Evaluation?

A Qualified Medical Evaluation is an evaluation performed by a Qualified Medical Evaluator. When an individual is injured on the job and has a medical injury, their case may be subject to review by a Qualified Medical Evaluator.

Either the worker, their attorney, or the claims administrator may request the QME to resolve any disputed medical issues, which might include permanent disability, apportionment of permanent disability, causation (cause of injury), disability status, and future medical needs. The California Division of Workers’ Compensation is charged with maintaining a list of approved Qualified Medical Evaluators.

What is an Agreed Medical Evaluation?

An Agreed Medical Evaluation is an evaluation performed by an Agreed Medical Evaluator. This is a medical expert, usually a physician specializing in a relevant field, who is agreed upon by both parties in a claim – typically the worker’s lawyer and the claims administrator.

What is an Independent Medical Evaluation?

An independent medical examination (IME) occurs when a Independent Medical Examiner – a doctor with no prior relationship to the patient – examines an individual to determine the cause and extent of an injury where liability is at issue, whether an individual has reached maximum benefit from treatment, and whether any permanent impairment remains after treatment.

An IME is often requested by an employer or an insurance company to obtain an independent opinion of the medical status of the individual. Self-insured employers and workers’ compensation insurance carriers have a legal right to this request.

Do your physicians perform Independent Medical Evaluations and provide Expert Witness Services?

Yes, contact to discuss our services and panel of physicians. Our doctors offer IMEs, record reviews, expert witness services, case consulting services, fitness for duty evaluations, disability evaluations, and more.

We have qualified physicians in many specialties in locations throughout California, some of which include: Orthopedic Surgery Expert, Spine Surgery Expert, Hand and Wrist Surgery Expert, Orthopedic Knee and Hip Expert, Neurology Expert, Neuropsychology Expert, Internal Medicine Expert, Toxicology Expert, Psychiatry Expert.

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Why is a third-party evaluation useful?

A third-party evaluation, either QME or IME, provides an independent and unbiased review of a claim from a medical viewpoint. This process ensures that the individual providing the QME / IME service does not benefit from the results of the evaluation.

Who pays for the evaluation?

The QME / IME is paid for either directly by the employer or through a workers’ compensation insurance policy. For more information, please reference the California Labor Code section 3751(b).

What should I look for in a physician to perform my evaluation?

You should look for a physician or medical expert who is qualified to provide medical testimony and has expertise relevant to your claim. Medical specialists, such as cardiologists or orthopedic surgeons, can provide a QME / IME in greater detail for their specialty. The California Division of Workers’ Compensation maintains a list of Qualified Medical Examiners (QME).

What areas do you serve?

We have offices throughout California.

Do you offer rush appointments?

Yes, our office will try to accommodate any rush appointments. If you require a rush appointment, please contact our office by telephone as early as possible at (888) 888-0098.

Do you offer same day status?

Yes, our office can provide you with same day status. Same day status is faxed electronically.

Do you offer rush a service for reports?

Yes, we can rush your report. If you require a rush report, please contact our office by telephone as early as possible at (888) 888-0098.

Can you accommodate deadlines?

Yes, our office has the flexibility to work with you.

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