Head Injury IME or DME California

A visible injury to the head may be easy to see when it happens, but the long-term impact on the brain and quality of life might not be so easily determined. For those who have sustained a concussion or other injury, there may be few or no visible signs at all – but the individual could still have long-term or even permanent issues resulting from that injury.

How severe is that injury and what kind of impact will it have on the individual’s life? A head injury IME can help determine the extent of an injury, the likelihood of recovery and eventual patient outcome. Head injury IMEs are often used in personal injury and worker’s compensation cases as both sides struggle to determine if the injury is real, the symptoms are valid and further develop the facts of the case. A head injury IME can be used to detect malingering on the part of a plaintiff in a case or confirm the lasting effects of an injury; this specialty medical examination needs to be conducted by a third party and can be ordered by either side in a law suit.

What is a Head Injury IME?

Our skilled team of medical experts including doctors, specialists and psychologists will work together to come up with a profile of the individual in question. A comprehensive evaluation will include physical examination, medical tests and psychological evaluations to provide an accurate assessment for your case.

A head injury IME provides an objective look at the injury and at the potential impact and provides the court with a clear understanding of the injury and any disabilities that occurred as a result. This medical-legal report is a comprehensive document designed to give an objective, third party opinion on the case and ideally lead to a swifter resolution.

Head injury IMEs can be used any time an injury is present or the extent of injury is in question; some common case types include:

  • Determination of disability claims – is the individual truly disabled, or are they malingering?
  • Personal injury claims – what damage has been suffered by the individual and how likely are they to resume working and handle the skills of daily living after the injury?
  • Workers compensation cases – can the individual return to work, or return to the company, but with a different set of responsibilities?
  • Sports injuries: Repetitive head trauma and concussions related to contact sports may not be visible on the surface, but have long reaching implications when it comes to brain damage and memory.

Benefits of Using our Services for Head Injury IME California

We’re committed to providing accurate and comprehensive IME reports designed to reveal the total picture and give both sides an assessment of the true impact of an injury. Our team of medical expert providers will create a detailed report that is accurate and free of bias; this objective, third party data can be used to support your case in court.

Contact us to learn more about Head Injury IMEs and what our innovative and thorough process can do for you. We’re dedicated to providing the best possible service and committed to giving you an accurate look at the injury sustained and its implications going forward.

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