Medical Malpractice Expert Witness

Need a medical malpractice expert witness? Arrowhead Evaluation Services is your trusted partner in providing medical malpractice expert witness services. Since 1987, we’ve provided the legal community in California with board-certified medical experts specializing in medical malpractice cases. Our network of practicing physicians can help answer complex medical-legal questions in a way that is straightforward and simple for a judge and/or jury to understand, including:

  • Applicable standard of care
  • Future medical expenses
  • Liability of the treating physician

If you’re looking for an expert witness to support a claimant’s case, we can help you.

Superior Medical Record Review & Testimony

Whether you want to discuss your claimant’s medical malpractice case or get an independent medical review and evidence-based reports to support a claim in court, we have a team of credible expert witnesses to help you resolve complex medical malpractice cases. Our case review process ensures objectivity and enables our expert witnesses to provide forensic testimony with the highest level of credibility.

At AES, we maintain the highest standards through oversight from an experienced advisory board of esteemed medical experts. Discuss your case with our team of experts and retain the best medical malpractice expert witness for your case.

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Want a California IME expert who can also provide credible and defensible testimony in court? Arrowhead Evaluation Services brings you a panel of medical experts to support your case. As experienced and highly knowledgeable medical-legal experts, we are able to select the best expert witness to defend and support our medical evaluations and reports effectively at trial.

To get the support you need for your claimant’s medical malpractice case, request an evaluation today or give us a call at (888)-888-0098.

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