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Are you looking for a neuroradiology independent medical evaluation to help you resolve complex brain imaging, spine imaging or stroke imaging abnormalities? Arrowhead Evaluation Services is one of the leading providers of neuroradiology IME services in California. With over 30 years in the IME business, we’re able to work with experts and claimants to help resolve complex medical-legal claims. We provide impartial and truly third-party medical expert opinion and reports related to neuroradiology cases.

What to Expect from Our IME Services

At AES, our panel of board-certified physicians is ready to provide you with in-depth, medical opinions regarding the status of a claimant, their medical history and future prognosis. Our neuroradiology experts conduct thorough medical evaluations, order diagnostic tests and provide an unbiased opinion of their observations.

You can count on us to provide you with neuroradiology independent medical evaluation services that meet the highest quality standards in the medical evaluation industry.

Our neuroradiology expert witnesses include:

  • Dr. David S. Karlin, MD

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If you need a trustworthy, unbiased, and professional neuroradiology IME, our physicians can provide testimony on issues involving MRIs, diagnostic radiology, CT scans and computed tomography. We work closely with attorneys to help them review cases and also provide expert witness testimony to resolve medical disputes.

Please talk to us at our toll-free number (888) 888-0098 to discuss your neuroradiology independent medical evaluation needs, contact us online, or fill out our evaluation request form today.

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