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Arrowhead Evaluation Services offers objective, evidence-based psychology independent medical evaluation services that help answer your complex medical questions. We have a panel of board-certified physicians and specialists who provide deeper insight and professional medical opinions regarding the status of an individual or claimant, their past medical history and expected prognosis.

Reliable Expert Witness Opinions

Our expert witnesses work closely with clients and their claimants when it comes to reviewing psychology cases, conducting thorough psychology IMEs, ordering optional diagnostic testing and preparing unbiased and accurate reports and expert opinions to medical disputes in court.

Solving psychology cases requires an understanding of complex issues like mental health disorders and issues that arise from injuries such as depression and anxiety. A California psychology independent medical evaluation will provide a deeper insight into the nature of the psychological problems that a patient or claimant is undergoing and answer specific questions regarding the extent of the injuries and problems arising from them.

Our psychology expert witnesses include:

Why Choose AES?

At Arrowhead Evaluation Services, we know that finding and selecting the right expert witness to provide credible testimony for your case can be challenging. We are committed to ensuring client satisfaction and reliable service delivery for your IME and expert witness services. We have expert psychologists and other medical professionals who work with legal teams to develop the most comprehensive dispute resolution strategy.

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