Temecula Independent Medical Evaluation

Arrowhead Evaluation Services is your premier Temecula independent medical evaluation service provider. We have an established and trustworthy IME process that ensures you receive accurate and defensible medical opinions and reports to support your claimant’s medical-legal case. With our enhanced physician medical examinations and commitment to providing objective and unbiased medical opinions, you can count on us for your IME needs.

Enjoy Reduced Administrative Burden

We know that handling medical dispute cases can be hectic. With all the administrative work involved, things can quickly become overwhelming for both you and your claimant. But at AES, we have a proven IME process that is designed to reduce the administrative burden when handling medical-legal cases. Our Temecula IME process involves:

  • Fast IME appointments
  • Quality medical assessments
  • Comprehensive and defensible medical opinions
  • Timely reporting
  • Access to California’s largest IME network of physicians
  • Flexible and convenient services
  • Over 78 medical assessment facilities

When you need reliable coordination and management of Temecula independent medical evaluation services, we’re here to assist you. We maintain the highest level of customer service and quality assurance.

Temecula Medical Experts:

James M. Fait, MD – Orthopedic Medical Expert in Temecula

Joseph Mann, MD – Hand Surgeon Medical Expert & Orthopedic Medical Expert in Temecula

Christopher Fleming, MD – Orthopedic Medical Expert in Temecula

Daniel Stuart, MD – Pain Management Expert & Physical Medicine & Rehab Expert in Temecula

Dominique Kinney, PhD – Neuropsychologist Expert in Temecula

Contact Us Directly

Whether you’re looking for an independent IME workers compensation service or expert witness to support a civil liability case, we’re able to guide you through the medical assessment process through our unique process. Feel free to contact us directly via phone or email to discuss your medical evaluation needs with us, experts@arrowheadeval.com, or call 909-255-8030. Arrowhead Evaluation Services is here to help you.

Arrowhead Evaluation Services
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