Arrowhead Evaluation Services provides you with a network of certified medical experts who offer independent medical evaluations for civil litigation, disability retirement and worker’s compensation cases in the Greater Southern California region. When you need reliable management and coordination of California agreed medical evaluation services, we are here to assist you. We maintain the highest level of quality assurance and customer service in our AME services.

Our dedicated client service officers connect you with the most appropriate medical evaluation specialists available in proximity to your claimant.

How the AME Process Works

Whether you’re looking for an independent California AME workers comp evaluation service or expert guidance on the assessment process, we are able to offer you a full suite of medical examination and reporting services through our unique approach.

  • Contact us directly via phone or email for appointments
  • Provide us with your particular requirements by completing a form
  • We research and connect you with the best medical evaluation experts near you
  • We provide an honest quote for your approval
  • We provide an appointment date, time and location
  • We confirm your claimant’s attendance
  • We coordinate the provision of reports as earliest as possible

Talk to us about your California agreed medical evaluation services needs and get prompt and accurate medical evidence that answers your complex questions.

A Trusted Name in Medical Evaluations

Looking for professional medical reporting services for personal injury cases? Wondering where to get credible and quality help for complex workers compensation or civil litigation cases? With 30 years of experience, Arrowhead Evaluation Services has provided clients in the legal and insurance sectors with an unrivaled level of service tailoring and industry leading standards. We are committed to delivering the best California agreed medical evaluation services in a flexible and convenient way that reduces administrative processes for you and your claimant.

At AES, we understand your needs and consistently deliver the best medical evaluation and reporting services. Get in touch with us today!