Looking for a chiropractic expert witness in California? Arrowhead Evaluation Services offers independent and objective expert witness testimony services to support your claimant’s chiropractic case. We select the best expert witness for your case who work closely with our board-certified independent medical evaluation experts to help prepare credible and defensible medical-legal reports that form the basis of supporting your claimant’s case in court.

The Most Comprehensive Network

When it comes to handling complex chiropractic medical-legal cases, we understand the importance of having reliable and credible expert witness services to provide the support needed in a claimant’s case. At AES, we maintain the most comprehensive network of pre-qualified California chiropractic medical expert witnesses.

Our highly-experienced team of medical professionals is always prepared to offer consultations, recommendations and arrange for medical evaluation and testimony as required for your case. With our vast network of physicians and extensive experience, we’re able to rapidly identify the most qualified chiropractic expert witnesses in California for your case.

Our chiropractic expert witnesses include:

Connect with a Chiropractic Expert Witness

Whether you need a chiropractic expert witness with specific knowledge of orthopedics or one with expertise in occupational health and worker’s compensation cases, you can be sure that we have the right experts to help you resolve your claimant’s case. Our work at AES is guided by the latest medical practices and a strong commitment to ensure you and your claimant’s satisfaction.

Connect with one of our experienced and reputable chiropractic expert witnesses today. Contact us to learn more about our services.