Independent Medical Evaluation (IME) Services

Arrowhead Evaluation Services prides itself in providing a comprehensive and tailored experience for legal professionals looking for independent medical evaluation services in the Southern California area. If you’re looking for assistance for Personal injury, civil cases, auto accidents, independent medical evaluations, medical expert witness, and fitness for duty. We provide full-service management of medical evaluation and reporting for medical-legal claims. We help you and your claimant find the best possible medical evaluation experts for any injury-related matter.

Your One-Stop Option for Independent Medical Evaluations

As an experienced provider of Independent Medical Examiners, we’re able to source the best and most reliable medical evaluation services for your needs. We have certified and reputable medical experts to help you record medical reviews, conduct IMEs, assist you through employee medical or psychological fitness for duty evaluations and help you with claim assessments.

We are your one-stop option when it comes to finding solutions that help you support medical-legal cases without facing administrative challenges. Whatever medical evaluation services you need, we stand by our integrity, honesty and transparency.

Reliable Support and Management

Since 1987, Arrowhead Evaluation Services has been instrumental in building hundreds of successful medical-legal client cases. Our expertise has played a huge role in ensuring our dedicated support and streamlined process management of numerous medical evaluations for all types of cases, from California IME workers comp, civil litigation to disability retirement evaluation cases. We handle the behind-the-scenes administration of cases from beginning to end, ensuring a satisfactory experience for our clients.

We serve attorneys, defense firms, insurers, HR firms and private and public employers, primarily in Southern California. If you’re seeking assistance in independent medical evaluations, feel free to schedule a complimentary consultation today!