IME California

Our comprehensive and detailed reports and testimony can be used by either party in a dispute to help resolve or settle a claim quickly. From worker’s compensation to personal injury or disability insurance cases, our objective opinion provides insight into an individual’s injuries, the level of care they need to recover and even the long-term effects that injury will have on their ability to work and care for themselves. Our detailed IME California reports ensure that you have all the details you need to make decisions and reach a timely resolution.

What Happens During an IME California?

Our team of healthcare providers and physicians will perform a comprehensive examination of the patient designed to determine the extent of their injuries and the impact those injuries will have on that patient’s life. A physical exam, medical tests and psychological evaluation may be used to provide a complete report to give you a full understanding of the injuries sustained and their impact.

Our team will provide you with a medical-legal report that can be used in court; since we have no connection with you, your client or anyone involved with the case, our third party, objective opinion can be used to support your case and lead to a speedy resolution. While we cover a wide variety of injury and case types, we specialize in:

Benefits of Using our Independent Medical Examiner Services

From orthopedic doctors to chiropractors and psychologists, our skilled team of experts can provide you with an objective, third party report for your case. Worker’s compensation, retirement and workplace injury cases require accurate information about both the injury sustained and the potential abilities of the injured party after the incident. Personal injury, head injury and accident case outcomes depend on accurate reporting of injuries and potential outcome; swift resolution of these cases allows both parties to get back to business as usual and get on with their lives. Our IME California services include:

  • Objective, fair and accurate reports with high level of detail that can be used in court by either party to a case.
  • Expedited appointments and reports designed to accommodate a busy caseload or schedule.
  • We’re doctors and healthcare providers first; our patient centric service is designed to put all parties at ease and ensure the process is comfortable and stress free.

Contact us to learn more about our IME California services and to see what we can do for you and your caseload. We’re here to help ensure you have the accurate, up to date information you need to resolve your case.

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